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В момента нямаме отзиви за софтуера: WiTopia, версия 0.04722222222222222. Ако искате да напишете отзив за този софтуер, моля, направете го и го изпратете и ние с удоволствие ще го включим тук.

With a WiTopia connection, you can secure your Internet connection no matter what country you are using your internet from. WiTopia is actually one of the best solutions for creating a cross-platform solution for a Virtual Private Network. Hiding or keeping the identity secure is not just a thing for organizations and corporate people. Even private internet users need to keep their identity safe and stay secure from unexpected attacks and identity thefts. Online privacy has always been an issue especially on unsecure Wi-Fi connections and public networks, which is why a VPN is required.
With WiTopia, you can keep your identity completely anonymous without anyone accessing your files or private information. You can also change the IP address of your internet connection to hide your location. So, if you have always been worried about falling victim to cybercrime, now you can browse your favorite website without any fear of being located or having your identity stolen.
To install WiTopia on your computer or internet connected device, it is important that you delete any other VPN connection installed in order to avoid any conflicts and crashes. If you don’t follow this protocol, you may face issues like conflicts between the unique IP addresses created by both VPNs. So, before you install WiTopia, simply uninstall all other instances of VPNs.
Save yourself the trouble of getting your info stolen or being tracked down by major search engines by getting WiTopia, and you will be free of any fear of browsing the web!


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